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Finding the routine


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The girls have been home for a little over a week and all has been well. They seem to be settling in, i even saw Miss Jez taking a snooze in the sun in the field while The Circinator stood guard! Thats a very good sign they are feeling comfortable. Jezebels nerves are calming a […]

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Sundays tend to be a really busy day. Hardly a day off at all. Typically its …Up early, drive to feed ponies, do barn chores, eat lunch/brunch, my better half has his riding lesson, drive to ponies to do more horse things/feeding/turnout/washing/chores, grocery shopping then i get to go home and make dinner before all […]

The big move


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It was moving day. The day started out with heading down to the new barn to finish up installing buckets, bed stalls and just get everything ready for the girls. My better half was really awesome making sure i was calm as even though i was excited moving is always stressful. We got everything done […]

Hay, hay hay…


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I got to my new barn a little before 11am. It was freezing but i needed to be there to hand over a check to the hay guy and to move my hay around. I met a bunch of people, some from the barn next door and also my new barn-mate. I got the low […]

Old man winter


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It snowed again the other day. About 6 inches at home stuck and about 8 inches at the barn. It has been very cold out, highs in the low 20’s or teens and wind chill factors making it feel at times below zero. Which of course means that the ground’s covered in snow, under the […]

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I got this from Lauren from She Moved to Texas. I loved the idea and I really love seeing everyones barns and horse living spaces! So here’s mine… Number One: A view of the barn. We actually have two barns the main barn and the upper barn. The main barn has 10 stalls, the wash […]

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When I got the the barn it was all covered in a soft white layer of fluffy snow. It looked beautiful but I know better it was cold out there. My car temperature gage read 23 degrees. Thats cold for this Southern California girl. I was prepared, I had all the clothes on. I thought […]

Coffee Klatch


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I had to cancel our training session for the day because of weather. Even though it was sunny and beautiful, I thought the ground would be frozen. The snow stopped but its been bitter cold and hasn’t be above 35 degrees. In the afternoon I headed down to the barn to see my horses and […]

The Girls


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Things are going well. Having two horses two ride is a big adjustment from having one, then two broken horses to rehab and not ride. My trainer Michelle comes out twice a week, Sundays and Wednesdays. On Wednesdays its just Jezebel. On Sunday she works with both horses. Jezebel is improving a lot and my […]



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I have moved horse farms. It was sudden and very unpleasant. I was treated extremely badly by people I had always been kind, helpful and went out of my way for. It left a really bitter taste in my mouth but I was lucky enough to have a couple very supportive friends who helped me […]