About Me

Peas in a pod

I used to be an accomplished horse person. I started riding at 5 years old, began taking formal lessons at 7 and by the time I was in high school I bought and trained my own horse. That was a long time ago, a different life. When I had to give my horse up because I no longer had the time she needed of me it broke my heart in so many ways. I was career focused and I knew she deserved more then I had to give. I endured the heartbreak never thinking horses would be something I would once again be involved with.

It started out simple enough after I moved across the country from California to Maryland for the love of a man. I thought I’d get back into riding, maybe I’ll take some lessons I thought to myself and that quickly progressed to the idea of leasing a horse. It took me about 2 weeks after that to decide to buy one of my own and about another week of contemplation before I decided on an OTTB. An off the track thoroughbred. A majestic and often misunderstood bred in abundance and in need of good homes out here on the other side of the world due to the close proximity of the racing industry.

Me and the girls

I jumped in with both feet and bought Jezebel an OTTB mare we were together a year and a half when I decided two was better then one and now I have two ex racers, Jezebel and Circe. My beautiful thoroughbred mares, thing one and thing two…. night and day.