Snow day on the farm

Snow day
Snow day

When I got the the barn it was all covered in a soft white layer of fluffy snow. It looked beautiful but I know better it was cold out there. My car temperature gage read 23 degrees. Thats cold for this Southern California girl. I was prepared, I had all the clothes on. I thought maybe I’d ride Jez as Circe hasn’t been ridden in a bit due to her sore hoof. Tina was working so the trail was out. She’s my trail buddy and Jezebel isn’t ready to hit the trail alone, we’ll get there eventually but right now its just not possible. I checked out the ring and it looked usable. They snow hadn’t turned to ice yet and it was all fluffy on top. It was worth a shot. Then I almost ate it on the driveway..hard… more then once. The ice on the ground was treacherous. If i couldn’t get my footing then i wasn’t about to take chances with my ponies. Its going to warm up a little tomorrow and theres rain in the forecast with probably means the fluffy snow will become slick nasty ice and my training session for both girls will have to be canceled. Canceling training for weather is the thing i dislike the most these days. Weather.. boo!

I decided to grab my real camera which was in the car and head on down the the field with my ponies, take a few snaps and see if i could get anything good. Jezebel and Circe were both happy to see me and wanted treats and snuggles. I played with them both and snapped away but part way though my impromptu photo shoot Jez decided that she was the only one who could be next to me and that she was top fucking horse. Thats my girl! I managed to not get kicked in any of the horse politics around me and i got a few good shots of my horses in the snowy field. It was fun running around the field with my horses taking pictures and playing with them, i simply have no words to express the joy I feel when they let me know I’m part of the herd. I had on my nifty fifty lens. I love that lens to pieces It makes everything look beautiful. However I’m getting a new longer lens in the next couple of weeks so I can shoot the deer herd next door and the ponies from further out and I can be more sneakier shooting them and get better stuff.

Oh and in other news I joined Pinterest. I don’t quite get it, I mean its like a prettier Tumblr with less nudie shots but none the less I’m giving it a go to see if i like it. I had been resistant cuz really theres too much social media in my life as it is but if you are on Pinterest let me know so i can follow all your horsey stuff and other wise.

Okay on to the results of my on the fly shoot.. Snowy farm day!


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