The Girls

photoThings are going well. Having two horses two ride is a big adjustment from having one, then two broken horses to rehab and not ride. My trainer Michelle comes out twice a week, Sundays and Wednesdays. On Wednesdays its just Jezebel. On Sunday she works with both horses. Jezebel is improving a lot and my trainer (who is just about the best thing since slice bread) does great with her. We have my 7 month stall rested horse working like a champ. She’s happy enough to work. She likes to throw her shoulder out and had trouble with the left lead canter. Both are improving with each session. Last session Jezebel picked up the left leap canter first try… Twice! Shes totally getting it. When I ride her she is asking me to canter but I’m refusing her until she A. Is sure on the cues and B. My medical insurance comes though. The last thing I need is another trip to the ER sans insurance. Mine is coming first of the year (thanks Obamacare!) I’ll be risk taking soon enough.

photo(1)Circe is coming along too, her issue is she is throwing her head all over the place AND she doesn’t want to hold her body right. She throws her shoulders in and turns like a motorcycle. Were working on the shoulder and just letting her toss her head around for now. We can fix the head later. Some of the head tossing is shes not really keen on the contact and pressure on her pol. Some things just take time it will all even out soon enough. Her feet are coming along well, shes barefoot but her feet are in much better shape then expected with just 6 weeks in since pulling her shoes. Shes a little ouchey still on gravel and hard surfaces so in a couple weeks she will get measured for boots. I’m not sure which ones I’m going to get her yet, I’m still looking into it. Circe did get a week off because of a scratch on the top of her back (rolling?) that was beginning to get infected. Lucky for me there was a vet I like out for other boarders and she took a gander at her and prescribed me some antibiotics for her. Also this vet so much cheaper then my “official” vet so now i have two vets! A week later Circe’s back is all better and i can ride her. Which i will do as soon as the ground isn’t frozen solid. ugh.

This is the first winter with horses i haven’t had an indoor to ride in so that will be an adjustment. I will ride in the cold, i’m all geared up for that with warm clothing for me and quarter sheets for the girls but this frozen ground thing will be an issue. I’ll have to see how it all plays out. Neither of my girls are trail ready yet so when the ring freezes over im outta luck for riding. Hopefully by spring i can get them out on the trail and then next winter I’ll have more options. Fingers crossed.