Dream List

I know this list will be ever changing. I change my mind a lot when it comes to horse gear and horse people gear. I also know it will take me forever to get everything and that there will always be new things just out of my reach. Better then a wishlist, its a dream list.

Cool boots
Cool boots

Equifit T-Boot Exp Open Front Boots: I love these boots and i need them for Jez. They not only look good but they the come recommended by a lot of people i respect. I want the tab ones not the velcro ones. They come in black which is Jez’s boot color and i think they look bad ass as well as give her the protection she needs jumping the big jumps. I want the hinds as well  cuz must match all the things!

horse-trailer-9407-CC121248-csFeatherlite 9407 Horse Trailer: Now that i have two horses and plans for them to yanno actually do things off property i need to get serious about a trailer this is the trailer i want. These reps are always the nicest at the MD expo and always take the time to chat with me about trailers even though im clear that im not there to buy that day. Its a solid trailer with a dressing room and would pull two ponies nicely. I want. Done, done and done! it is mine!

pic_ariat_volant_collectionVolant Tall Boots Black: Most boots don’t fit my calves, I’ve spent countless hours at used tack stores trying on boots and nothing fits me, even the wide ones don’t seem to fit likely because i have the fattest calves known to man. But the Volants have a stretchy panel  i swear they are made just for me and they look awesome. I really wanted the H2Os but they have been discontinued, boo! I’m not showing so i can be flashy and these boots have a lot of flash and if i did show it would be jumpers anyways. These Volants would save me from having to have custom made boots, which are a small fortune. I really love the paddock boots and the gators as well.

img-thingCharles Owen Ary8 helmet in black/black: Having a pin head and a ton of hair its hard to find a helmet that doesn’t make me look like a freak. Add to that I wear glasses and theres a lot of stuff to deal with around my head when I’m riding. This helmet fits right and doesn’t make me look like a Martian. Thats a win/win in my book. Its also not super heavy and lots of vents which is important to me. Happy birthday to me… I got this one! Woot!

90070477Judi Manche Browband Fame Star Silver and Black: Amazingly beautiful browbands made from Swarovski crystals. Even though i don’t have a dressage bridle (or saddle for that matter) id totally go out and buy one to put this browband on it. Just stunning! Bonus they are ridiculous expensive and you have to buy them in Euros! I love all her stuff but i can afford none of it. I actually want the greyhound collar for my Greyhound (okay hes a mix but hes half greyhound)

bit_redBit Blanket: I know its ridiculous but its winter and i like t complain about how cold it is. This little gadget would make the ponies very happy. So much happier then me sticking a cold bit in their special pony mouths. Actually they both take a moderately cold bit really well  but i like to spoil them!

HermesHorseHermes Saddle: I’m partial to the Corlandus dressage saddle but really i’d ride in anything Hermes if i got the chance. I troll all the used horse saddle sites in hopes that one day i can find that Hermes diamond in the rough. Someday i’ll buy one and in my dreams i buy it brand spanking new but for now i’ll just covet them. The saddle can be custom designed to fit both the horse and moi and really who doesn’t want to go to Hermes for your saddle fitting. I know i do, especially if i happen to find myself in Paris

Laser-Eye-SurgeryLasik Eye Surgery: Riding with glasses suck. I didn’t begin to see changes in my vision until about 15 years ago. I’m near sighted and have a astigmatism in one eye.  I actually kinda like having glasses, in general and tend to have some fancy shamancy high end frames on my face. I’m a bit of a glasses snob. When i got back into riding though the glasses became a pain in my ass. First i hate the way i look in a helmet and glasses. I mean really hate it. Secondly its awkward, it feels awkward and bulky. Ive got too much hair and too little of a face and head to pull it off. So now i want Lasik something i swore id never do. Cuz really i don’t wanna smell my eyeballs burn. But you know what else i want? i want to look cute in pictures of me in a helmet.

HSSHerm Sprenger System 4 Stirrups: I’ve always just ridden in regular old stirrups basically because when i learned to ride we only had one kind. Well two if you count offsets (but who does that). But now there are all kinds of fancy take pity on your body stirrups to help with stress and strain as well as position. I’ve been coveting the Herm Springers 4 way flex ones and I’m now saving for them. Cuz yanno everyone needs a pair of 250 buck stirrups… right?

Yes Please

(I bought a dodge!) Ford F-150 XTL w/Ecoboost: Brand spanking new with all the bells and whistles. Voice controlled, extended cab, seat heaters, satellite radio, amazing tow capacity, fully loaded with the super special tow package. I want to be able to pull a horse trailer in style but yanno feel like i’m still driving my  beloved Benzo.What…. unreasonable?


48a187b3b66076ce18513bf7d5dc7fd0Dressage Arena: There once was an arena on my property, its been grassed over. I want it rehabbed. Grating, base layer, footing (all weather), framing. I have a rough estimate and need to save a boat load of cash but i think it can be done. Its on the list of must haves so that the ponies and i have a nice place to ride on my own farm.