Coffee Klatch


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The Coffee Klatch

The Coffee Klatch

I had to cancel our training session for the day because of weather. Even though it was sunny and beautiful, I thought the ground would be frozen. The snow stopped but its been bitter cold and hasn’t be above 35 degrees. In the afternoon I headed down to the barn to see my horses and to check the ring see if maybe it would be in shape to ride in tomorrow. The ground is still pretty snow covered and when I drove in Jez was snoozing on her side in the snow. Of course she was. I parked and walked down to get Jez. I whistled for her but she and Circe were not interested in coming to me, I had to go to them. They were hanging out by a tree together with Kara who was laying down. Kara is a 3 year old Icelandic pony. Her and Jez are buds, I always see them together. This time it was both my girls and Kara. A total coffee klatch, the three stooges, Manny Moe and Jack…

I pulled Jez and we made our way up the frozen and sometimes slippery driveway. I put her in her stall and went for a walk around the ring. It wasn’t bad. There was snow but the ground underneath wasn’t frozen. Where the sun was hitting the ground I thought I could ride, where there was shade not so much. That was pretty icy. I tacked up Jez and hit the ring. After fighting with Jez at the mounting block, I mounted and began to walk in the area I thought was good. It wasn’t so great. The area where we could ride was smaller then I thought and Jez was making it clear to me the footing wasn’t great. I tried to make a track and had some success but over all I thought it wasn’t worth the risk, if she spooked we’d both be in a lot of slippery trouble. I dismounted took her back to her stall and it was just about dinner time. So it looks like tomorrows training session will be off but its supposed to warm up a little so i’m crossing my fingers that soon we’ll be able to get into the ring and ride.

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