Hay, hay hay…

Giant new hay loft
Giant new hay loft minus new hay

I got to my new barn a little before 11am. It was freezing but i needed to be there to hand over a check to the hay guy and to move my hay around. I met a bunch of people, some from the barn next door and also my new barn-mate. I got the low down on her horses and we came up with a plan for introducing them in the field when i arrive. Also we found out we share a vet! Good news as we might be able to save on some barn calls down the line.  So I waited in the freezing fucking cold as the temperature dropped and no hay. They were late. An hour in a call was made to ask the farm delivering WTF?! We got put off as who ever was on the phone needed to “check the status” This isn’t a rinky dink small farm this is a big hay operation that serve multiple states in the area so i was a little surprised at their unprofessional tude. I know “horse people” but come on! 30 minuets after we made another call and still no answers as to an ETA on the hay. So we told them to reschedule. Cuz all of us had better things to do they sit around and wait for the fucking hay guy to decide when we was going to show up so we could hand him a big fat check. Noone had used this farm before and we (all 6 of us) were potential new clients on the regular. I’m not saying in not going to use them in the future i might depending on the quality of their hay but it doesn’t look good for them and me. My patience for that kinda thing is really low. Its a pet peeve when there is zero customer service and people/companies think they are doing YOU a favor buy you being their client/customer and you hading them over money. That totally chaps my hide.

So now they hay is coming Thursday but i have no idea what time. I left my check so i don’t need to be there. I am meeting my vet Thursday so i will pop over to the new place after to see whats up. So maybe Thursday i can move hay around my giant hay loft. We will see.

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