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busy busy busy

busy busy busy

Sundays tend to be a really busy day. Hardly a day off at all. Typically its …Up early, drive to feed ponies, do barn chores, eat lunch/brunch, my better half has his riding lesson, drive to ponies to do more horse things/feeding/turnout/washing/chores, grocery shopping then i get to go home and make dinner before all the good Sunday cable shows are on. I’m usually pretty exhausted by the end of the day on Sunday. Today was no exception to the theres a lot of shit to get done on Sunday rule.

Dexter Wins!

Dexter Wins!

Besides there being a lot to do there was a horse show across the street today in the big ring and one of the girls from the barn next door was competing on her horse in the green horse division. The fun part about that is that shes pregnant and showing but shes competing anyways. She’s got a really solid horse and it showed by her taking two firsts and one second in the three classes she entered. I took a few snaps before heading back to my own barn to finish out the day. It was hot today. Not Africa hot but the hottest day so far this spring. I enjoyed the weather, even when i had to hike to the top of the field to pull Circe so i could give her a bath. She did pretty good considering the water was freezing cold. I waited until she was dry  then fed and chucked her and Jez out into the field for the night. Were gonna have a couple more days of great weather and then some ugly weather is going to rear its ugly head. Thunderstorms… good times.

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