Finding the routine

derpThe girls have been home for a little over a week and all has been well. They seem to be settling in, i even saw Miss Jez taking a snooze in the sun in the field while The Circinator stood guard! Thats a very good sign they are feeling comfortable. Jezebels nerves are calming a bit and shes not as wild eyed as she was the first few days. Which makes me very happy. I haven’t asked too much of them just letting them settle into their new routine. This is the only time its been just the 2 of them, so separation anxiety is always a concern.

Both have spent some time in the barn on the cross ties. Circe went for a walk across the neighbors driveway. I would have taken her further cuz she was pretty calm but miss Jez started calling to her, so I kept it successful and short. Jez and i went for a short ride the other day and though she was a little confused as to why we were riding in the field and why was Circe locked up in the paddock and why where all those damn flies biting her, she did pretty good. Again keeping things short and successful. Thats our mantra for this month.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.49.06 PMI have also acquired a helper, a neighbor who is wildly in love with the girls. I of course am inclined to further her love of the horses. She comes over almost every morning before school to help me feed and most evenings when she doesn’t have school activities she shows up to help with the evening chores. She has some horse experience and has taken some lessons in the past so shes not completely green but shes getting a crash course on horse handling. Shes a very fast learner! I’m happy to heave her around. Ive offered her a winter job helping me with stalls and general horse stuff. When winter rolls around the girls will be inside more and there will be more work. Though i’m happy to trade her horse time for work time, my ponies are a touch too advanced for saddle time for a beginner so shes going to get cash instead. In the meantime ill teach her how to lunge, ground work basics and some general horse care. All of which she is absorbing like a thirsty sponge!

Shes a good kid and I like her. Shes brave as all get out too, which is a great quality to have when you decide to spend your free time with your neighbors high spirited thoroughbred race horses!