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The big move


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It was moving day. The day started out with heading down to the new barn to finish up installing buckets, bed stalls and just get everything ready for the girls. My better half was really awesome making sure i was calm as even though i was excited moving is always stressful. We got everything done […]

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With only a few days left until i move the girls i’m starting to get excited. My better half and I went to the new barn to start setting some stuff up. My commercial shelves (24 inches deep baby!) Circe’s stall needed to be cleaned and all her hooks needed to be put up. Jezebel’s […]

Saddle adventures


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We finally got saddle number two. I went back and forth on what to get because i really want a dressage saddle and i really like expensive saddles. But with moving the girls and all of Jez’s new medical bills money’s not as free flowing as it usually is. So looking for something lower end […]

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Thanks to L from Viva Carlos for the Magical Blog Hop, Whats in Your Bucket addition. Like i needed a reason to blah blah about what i feed the ponies! I feel better now that i have one though. I tend not to go too crazy with the horsey supplements compared to some i suppose […]

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The wind was crazy, gusts up to 30 mph other then that it was a beautiful day. Just a tease though as snow is coming again tomorrow. I pretty much want to stab old man winter in the eye with a rusty spike. I took Circe out to ride and that was a disaster. Too […]

In flux


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I’ve been riding Circe a bit as Jez is off because of her hind gut ulcers. Circe’s been a good girl and even though were just hacking around and not seriously working shes doing a good job listening to me and not trying to evade contact too much. Its been fun the few days of […]

Paradigm shift


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Its been a rough week. Weather, sucks, blah blah blah. Its not just the weather though. I’ve been stressing out about the baby Bo and all things horse. Waking up at 4am fretting and worrying. Yeah, thats going over well in my house </sarcasm.  In an attempt to try to get all my horsey ducks […]

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When I first head what she was doing I was in awe. I mean it’s rather amazing and its someone I know and respect doing it. Someone who changed my life with the simple act of approving me to adopt my horse(s). She kept it to herself  for a while until it was official but […]

Baby Besos


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I woke up with a start at 3am and was up almost all night. The weekend had been rough on me. It was predicted to be a sunny and warm 55 degrees on Sat and i was finally going to be able to ride both my horses. I was pretty excited about it. I got […]

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I have a multi pronged attack plan to figure out/deal with Jezebels acting out issues. Vet, Chiro, Saddle fitter, training. Yesterday I had the vet out. The plan was to give Jez the once over and see if there were any physical issues that could be the cause of her, kicking out, bucking, rearing and […]