Bonnie is going for the win!

Bonnie on Jayburger Her OTTB Gelding
Bonnie on Jayburger Her OTTB Gelding

When I first head what she was doing I was in awe. I mean it’s rather amazing and its someone I know and respect doing it. Someone who changed my life with the simple act of approving me to adopt my horse(s). She kept it to herself  for a while until it was official but Bonnie Hutton was selected to ride in the Mongol Derby, the words toughest and longest horse race. Even better she was riding  for charity in hopes that she can raise some cash to support the 501c (3) she founded to find homes for OTTBs. You see Bonnie loves horses and especially thoroughbreds from off the track. She loves them so much she has dedicated her life to them founding After The Races. The TB placement and rescue i got both of my lovely horses though.

Bonnie and Zippity Kick
Bonnie and Zippity Kick

The Mongol Derby is tough, its not cheap, its exciting and its amazing. There has been some press coverage but not enough. Only a handful of riders from America have been selected to ride. 640 miles over 10 days in Mongolia on semi wild horses. The race is run like an endurance race with check points and vet checks every 25 miles when you switch mounts. You camp out on the Mongolian Steppe. You get cold, you get sick, you get hungry and you get hurt. No American women has ever won. Bonnie is going to race to win and hopes to change that. Shes an amazing brave horse person and knowing how determined she is its not surprising she was selected to participate but bravery and determination is not enough you need to raise funds, you need to get the word out and you have to get sponsored. You also have to come up with the 12k (yes, 12 freaking K) just to get there to the race. Which for a soft spoken women like Bonnie isn’t an easy thing to do, asking people for help, support and of course cash. I’ve donated some of my time with some marketing, I’ve steered a sports journalist friend of mine in her direction and now i am imploring you my blog readers to help me get the world out on what Bonnie is trying to do. I’ve complied a list of some easy things that anyone can do to help get the world out on Bonnie. Yanno the whole i tell two friends, they tell two friends, they tell two friends strategy… Its in full force.

1. If you have a blog mention Bonnie and her slot in the Mongol Derby. Link her Mongol Derby Race Blog, or maybe even interview her for your own blog! I see a lot of people who have series on professional horse people, add Bonnie to your list to interview!

2. Tell your friends and family about what shes doing. You never know where that possible sponsorship will come from. Maybe your uncle Joe who works for Nike will get her story in front of the right person. It can happen.

3. Donate your skills. Are you a marketing expert? A communications major? Aspiring journalist or actual journalist who writes for a paper, blog, magazine etc? Bonnie needs your help!

4. Cash. Bonnie needs cash. Shes set up a go fund me page. Every penny helps. Even if you cant donate actual money pass around her Go fund me on your Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr or in the horse forum you participate in, anywhere and everywhere. The more people who know about what it is she’s doing, the more likely the people who can donate will see it.

See easy peasy. There’s an official press release and a few people have picked up on the story but more needs to happen. The race is in August 2014 and that will come up fast! Help me help my friend Bonnie. I owe her so much for bringing my amazing OTTB mares into my life.

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