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Halt who goes there


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I’ve been starting slow with riding my ex racer. I spent the first couple weeks just getting to know her and letting her get to know me. Of course I had the hoof abscess to help me along with that. My adorable filly’s manners were some what lacking. I chalked that up to a few […]

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Oh the wash stall. No anything but the wash stall! Its really not that bad but hey it ain’t that good. At my barn the wash stall is the hub of activity. It’s used for vet visits, farrier visits, tacking up and it kinda feels like the kitchen at a dinner party, the place where […]

HBO Shuts down Luck


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I’m not anti horse racing. I go the the track once in a while, I watch racing on TV more then most people, I love thoroughbreds. Their speed, heart and power and never thought I’d own one of my own. I am however happy as all hell that HBO finally shut down their production of […]