Kites rise highest against the wind

Jez loves selfies!
Jez loves selfies!

The wind was crazy, gusts up to 30 mph other then that it was a beautiful day. Just a tease though as snow is coming again tomorrow. I pretty much want to stab old man winter in the eye with a rusty spike. I took Circe out to ride and that was a disaster. Too much wind. After one giant spook i decided to lunge her instead of ride her. Something in one corner of the ring had her in a tizzy. No matter what i did it was a no go corner. When i walked her over there to take a look she did airs above the ground. When i tried to get her to walk by they mystery scary spot she did airs above the ground. It was an airs above the ground kinda day. Eventually i gave up and put the red-head away. Crazy weather one, Circe and I, zero.

I bought Jez out to the ring for a little us time. Also i wanted to see if she would be doing airs above the ground. Not a chance. She was un-phased by the wind. We just hung out and played in the ring together. I’m sure if i tacked her up id find my ass on the ground but un-tacked and playing she was a dream. Her hind gut ulcer supplements have begun and i don’t know if i can chalk up this super chill pony ‘tude to the new magnesium supplement, Mag Restore or not. I’m thinking its just too soon to give anything credit… yet.

I get one more day of good riding weather before the snow falls and its Michelle who will be riding. I’m also hoping to try out a new saddle. Circe and my better half need their own and i am on the hunt. I decided on an AP because why make my better half ride in a dressage saddle when thats not the discipline hes learning. I’ll get a dressage saddle eventually this will just give me more time to save up and get something really nice. Because clearly i need all the fancy things.

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