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It’s raining and its going to rain for days. Stupid. I was planning on washing and re-waterproofing my blankets and sheets this week. Yeah thats not happening how can i dry them in the sun with yanno no actual sun. Instead i will trot my happy ass back and forth to the barn every 4 […]

This and that


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When the vet came out to chip the girls i had her to an evaluation on their body conditions, i spoke to her about the constant heat cycles, their separation anxiety and we discussed the spring grass and if i should be worried about it. Heat cycles: Circe is in almost constant heat. Jez isn’t […]

Chip chip hooray!


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It was something I wanted to do before I moved but it didn’t work out. My vet needed to get a new reader and it was going to have to be done after the big move. Yes, i’m talking about micro-chipping my horses. As animal owners we regularly chip our dogs and cats, its kinda […]

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When the good folks over a Noble Outfitters approached me about reviewing one of the their products i couldn’t have been more thrilled as i secretly had been spying their site and products for a while. They have a nice line of equestrian clothes, bags, footwear and accessories. After looking over the catalog of items […]

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It was a beautiful day, the perfect day for riding. I however have one horse with ulcers and the other AKA spooks-a-lot is not yet conditioned to her new ring so were still just doing ground work together for a bit. So after i visited with my girls and did my barn chores i headed […]

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Jezebels meds have arrived! They have been sitting in customs since April 7th and finally got here.  I’ve been checking my international tracking number every day like i have OCD. There is light at the end of the Jezebel tunnel. Meds you ask? I decided to go ahead and treat her for gastric ulcers as […]

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This isn’t really a Viva Carlos magical blog hop as in who inspires you. But I was inspired to write this after reading her blog. Mrs Bobbi Williams. The women who taught me to ride horses… for real. I was a tiny kid, 7 years old and I had done my fair share of pony […]

Barn cats


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Who would have thought that barn cats could be a contentious issue. They are. I’ve been in a lot of barns and barn cats are necessary. They help to keep your barn pest free. Barns have rats, mice, snakes, birds. Barn cats help to reduce that. Barn cats are truly working animals. They have jobs, […]

Indian love call


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Just to give an idea of the scope and scale of the new ginormous ring. Circe started off really good. Calm, relaxed ready to work when she walked across the street, into the ring and even on the lunge. That was until Jezebel started to call to her from across the street. Took Jez about […]

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Sundays tend to be a really busy day. Hardly a day off at all. Typically its …Up early, drive to feed ponies, do barn chores, eat lunch/brunch, my better half has his riding lesson, drive to ponies to do more horse things/feeding/turnout/washing/chores, grocery shopping then i get to go home and make dinner before all […]