Trail ride adventures: The Willa edition

It was a beautiful day, the perfect day for riding. I however have one horse with ulcers and the other AKA spooks-a-lot is not yet conditioned to her new ring so were still just doing ground work together for a bit. So after i visited with my girls and did my barn chores i headed down to my old barn to visit with M and Peanut.

In the woods!
In the woods!

It feels a little funny diving up the long driveway of the barn i used to board at but i have no regrets making the move on to greener pastures. I noticed that the property was put up for sale in the beginning of April because i check horse property sales like i have OCD so I might not be the only one moving in the months to come if the place actually sells.

Willa, M’s horse is fully in rehab for her laminitis flare up. Shes under saddle and doing trot sets which is awesome and shes cleared to start cantering next week if every thing stays on track. Willa is now in a small paddock outside the back of the barn next to the hospital paddocks that Jez spent months in after out arrival at this farm last summer. Its a dry lot and thats what Willa needs. I opened the barn doors and called to Willa and she nickered to me, came right over and nuzzled me! It totally melted my black cold heart that Willa is so sweet to me. The usually stoic pony really warms up to you if you invest a little time gaining her trust. I told my better half about it when i got him and he said ” Your part of Willa’s herd”  I think he’s right. I thought i was there to help M organize her new tack locker which btw is my old tack locker but M had other ideas. M Tacked up Willa and we went for a trail ride and by that i mean M went for a trail ride and Peanut and i huffed and puffed on foot behind her.

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Willa and M

We walked out the bridle path up the hill past the indoor and out into the woods and did the loop. M on Willa me on my feet, peanut on her paws. It was such a beautiful day i didn’t even care that i’m old and out of shape. Willa is a great trail horse i was so impressed with her. Here i was tagging along on the ground and she didn’t even bat an pretty black eyelash. Calm and steady the whole way. If they got a little ahead they would wait for the rest of us to catch up and Willa stood  on a loose rein and didn’t dance around, she was just happy to be out and having fun. She didn’t prance, jig jog or spook once. Even when i would come up behind her and put my hand on her rump, or the neighbors dogs came running out. Oh and it was WINDY out! Earlier in the day Circe had a lesson with her trainer and the wind really freaked her out but Willa… rock solid.  We did the loop and headed back i have that ridden the trail with Tina and Wasabi on Jezebel. It was only a few miles but it felt like 10 when we got back. I can really feel what not riding does to you it makes you huff and puff on a little trail walk. Note to self get back in the saddle.

It made me eager to get my own horses trail ready so that M and i could ride together on nice days. M has said she would trailer out to me and explore the trails in my area thats something I’m really looking forward to. I never really got to do the trail riding i wanted to over the last year at that place. With the winter from hell, Jez’s rehab and subsequent ulcers, Tina left, Willa had the flare up and the other ladies at that barn were none to keen to go out on the trial with a OTTB (which boggles my mind but whatever) So the fates were stacked against me but this year… this year will be different.


4 thoughts on “Trail ride adventures: The Willa edition

  • I just reread this blog entry and noticed that you said, “the other ladies at that barn were none to keen to go out on the trial with a OTTB (which boggles my mind but whatever.” In fairness to the barn ladies, we did not realize that you were ready to take Jez on the trail since she was prone to bucking unexpectedly. She threw your trainer twice, if I recall. Also, Jez had health issues for much of the time you were here.

    • myexracer

      True Jez has ulcers now and she was bucking as a result but that started in Jan/Feb well into winter. The only person who would go out with me last fall after Jez was cleared back to work in Oct was Tina on Sabs. No one would go out with my trainer riding Jez either, i asked. If i recall correctly i asked you and you said you weren’t comfortable with the idea. It was very difficult getting trail miles on Jez because she needed a buddy to go out with. Eventually I just gave up and decided to concentrate on her ring work.

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