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Jezebels meds have arrived! They have been sitting in customs since April 7th and finally got here.  I’ve been checking my international tracking number every day like i have OCD. There is light at the end of the Jezebel tunnel. Meds you ask? I decided to go ahead and treat her for gastric ulcers as well as the hind gut. She was palpating for the gastric and with the move and everything else i thought it best to just treat her and then start her training over… from scratch.  She will be getting Omeprazole (aka blue pop rocks) and since its way way way cheaper to order direct outside of the US of A thats what i did. Takes a while but 175 bucks versus 1000 makes my shrinking wallet happy. So she starts her meds tomorrow. I will be top dressing her food with it for 28 days.

In the meantime i’ve decided to work with her a little on the ground. Nothing to stressful and nothing that will make her stomach acid slosh around too much. Just some simple walk, halts, back ups. A little time on the lunge just to remind her that she is required to work and listen to me. Nothing more then 10 to 15 minutes a day. Once shes a couple weeks into her meds i will have Michelle work with her to get her restarted for real. Poor baby is always in some kind of rehab.

Graze break!
Graze break!

I walked Jez out to the small paddock. I had to go all the way to the far end to find a place that was flat enough. On the way out i would stop and ask her to lower her head. Jez is an expert at this game. Halt, then a small tug on the lead and she lowers her head, its a three tug game to get her nose all the way to the ground. However we’ve only played this game in a ring never in a paddock. A paddock with lush green grass none the less. Jez decided that the game was to go like this. Halt, small tug, eat grass with your nose to the ground. Ha! I kept telling her it was a three tug game but she kept making it into a one tug game! Score one for Jez. Next i put her on the lunge and asked her to go out to the left. She did great except for that part in the beginning where she decided grazing was better then working. I asked more firmly and Jez relented and went out on the lunge at the walk then the trot. She did great to the left, relaxed happy and she always had an ear on me. Then we went to the right and she wasn’t as good. She was nervous and twitchy. Thats the same direction that she would rear. So note to self next time start right and see if this is a “bad” direction for her or maybe its just that the stomach acid was sloshing since going to the right i asked second.

I’m excited about the possibility of getting my horse back. I’m excited about having a plan for her  and that her meds are finally here. I’m excited about the weather not being so cold i can see my breath all the time. Spring is finally here and I’m optimistic i will get to share some of it with my beautiful ex racer Jezebel. I’m so excited i feel like jumping around because the new phone book is here! Now things are really going to happen.

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  • TeaCake

    Abler is a lifesaver! I tried the HorsePrerace omeprazole after but I definitely think the pop rocks are worlds better! I hope they help Jezebel :)I don’t know if you’ve ordered these before, but I just wanted to share that with rush-delivery they come in about 10 days vs 3 weeks, so the extra $15 could be worth it depending on how bad you need them, if you ever need them in the future!

    • myexracer

      Thanks! Good to know. It took 3 weeks-ish to get it this time around so if i need to order it again in the future i’ll expedite the shipping! I really hope it helps her 🙂

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