bucket heads
bucket heads before the storm

It’s raining and its going to rain for days. Stupid. I was planning on washing and re-waterproofing my blankets and sheets this week. Yeah thats not happening how can i dry them in the sun with yanno no actual sun. Instead i will trot my happy ass back and forth to the barn every 4 hours so the girls have some turnout and don’t get to drenched and i can keep an eye on them. This is a downside of self care thats a 30 min drive from your house.

Last night when i brought the girls in because of the rain i noticed they were both extra mellow and though they ate their dinner neither was too interested in the hay i tossed or the flake of alfalfa each got to entertain them. Which for my horses is really freaking weird. There is a minor virus making the rounds at a few private barns so of course i got my panties in a bunch and debated with myself for an hour while i watched every single little move they made if i should call the vet or not.  Maybe they had been running around the field like idiots, maybe they were full on grass. My barn is often a deserted island so its not like i could ask anyone if they had noticed anything. I went over and ovet every possibility. They were both bright eyed but very sedate. Which isnt the norm with my girls. I opted to let it go one night and see how they were in the AM. Stacy who does my mornings has reported they both ate all their hay, ate breakfast, drank water and  Jez was no longer “mellow” and was circling ready to go out in the rain. So out they went. Of course in 2 hours i’ll be out there to dry them off and assess if they need to be in for the rest of the day and over night. This will be going on until Thursday until the rain stops. Good times.