Indian love call

Just to give an idea of the scope and scale of the new ginormous ring.

Circe started off really good. Calm, relaxed ready to work when she walked across the street, into the ring and even on the lunge. That was until Jezebel started to call to her from across the street. Took Jez about 10-15 minutes to realize Circe was gone and then lost her mind. Eventually the calling back and forth came to a stop. Jez lost interest and Circe did some really nice trot work. Then we worked on the mounting block which she really didn’t want to stand next to but eventually did. It was a successful training session but Circe did have her mare moments. Made me really happy i have Michelle on my team once again. Circe is still in heat. Been like 15 days. The vets coming out in a week and a half i’m going to ask her about it. Seems prolonged to me, longer then shes ever been in heat before since I’ve owned her. Jez has been out of heat since the 9th Circe though… the heat that will never end!

Jezebel and Circe were totally doing the Indian Love Call song. Its a nasty habit and i will eventually break it but until i do whenever they call back and forth all i can think of is Slim Whitman! When i’m calling yooooooou, will you answer tooooo!