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Finally standing at the block
Finally standing at the block

When the vet came out to chip the girls i had her to an evaluation on their body conditions, i spoke to her about the constant heat cycles, their separation anxiety and we discussed the spring grass and if i should be worried about it.

Heat cycles: Circe is in almost constant heat. Jez isn’t as bad she was in for 9 days went out no big deal, though 9 days is a little long for her. I’m keeping an eye on it for now as its spring and the first heat can be intense. If it doesn’t even out by summer though i might have to re-address it. Circe is super cranky and though i haven’t chalked up her tude to horse PMS just yet, its possible this is the source.

View from the top of the field (too much clover)
View from the top of the field (too much clover)

Spring grass: After discussing with my vet the pros and cons and my horses histories im letting them live off the land for spring. Both girls are on a ration balancer now so they are not getting any grain and being thoroughbreds and from MD i’m not to concerned with them over doing it on the rich spring grass. Though i will be keeping an eagle eye on their weights, checking for pulses, heat in the hooves and on the look out for possible gas colics which there are more of during the spring. Their body conditions are pretty good according to my vet. Circe is a 6 and Jez is a 6.5 both need to muscle up and Jez could stand to lose 50 lbs. That will come with work which i hope will start happening end of the first week in May. By then her ulcer meds should be in full effect. I will be starting her over from the ground up. I really want to set her up for success.

walking around the parking lot
Walking around the parking lot

Surprise: Circe has a stone bruise. Right hind, so she has the week off. Its a small one  (chickpea sized) so i’ve been putting Duresole on it and it really doesn’t seem to be bothering her much as shes been tearing around the field like a goofball. I’m glad we got in a session with Michelle before all this came up cuz were also expecting rain this week which is going to put a hitch in my step and really piss the girls off because they will have to come in over night and they are now wild ponies who only want to be outside all the time. That totally happened fast then went from spoiled stalled half the time horses to demanding to be outside all the time wild ponies who only want to live off the land.

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  • Murmz is in constant heat. I feel ya! The grass question is a tricky one. The truth is that horses are meant to graze. I bet they will be ok. Good luck with the bruise. Sounds like she’s doing just fine.

    • myexracer

      Ack Murmz too! Ugh! Neither of mine are on grain so that helps with the grass issue. It is tricky though youre right. The MD spring grass is so rich that you have to keep a good eye on any subtle changes.

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