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One Day At A Time


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Our third shock wave was done and the vet came out for Jezebels final ultrasound and check before the claim for this injury ran out. I was very nervous, our last check didn’t go so great and at that time decision was made to give Jez some turn out since she was really falling apart […]

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I showed up to the barn mainly to give Alex the head caretaker on site instructions on administering Jezebels new oral Ace compound. Were using this to dope my pony so she can have a couple hours of turn out in the small round pen a day and she wont go nutso running and jumping […]



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We’re cleared for walk/riding. By we I mean Jezebel, I’m still broken and still now allowed to ride. However Jez can be walk ridden under saddle for 20 minutes a day for the first week, 25 the second and then 30 the third. So Nik is the one who’s gonna ride her until im cleared […]

Oh Horses …


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The vet came down to work on Lilly who is my friend whos been helping me with Jez horse. Sadly Lilly is lame and well guess what soft tissue damage so even though its minor Lilly will be following the same RX as Jez stall rest and hand walking followed by walk riding. This should […]



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They day after I got tossed into a fence and driven away by the EMTs on a backboard and neck brace a friend was going to lunge and maybe hop on my pony. Clearly she needed some work and i am pretty laid up. On the lunge it was clear my horse was lame, not […]

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I am learning more about hoof abscess then I ever thought I would. My filly is still laid up with hers. I called in the vet last week to check her out since her abscess wants popping and she was pretty ouchy. My vet was able to find the track and pop it. Yay! however […]

Three days in


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Three days in and Miss Jezebel came up lame. Her hind left was causing her much discomfort and pain. She was walking broken legged. I took her digital pulse. I could feel it. Damn. I put her on stall rest, my barn manager gave her some butte and we hoped for a bruise. It wasn’t […]