Right in the middle of her forehead

Look Ma what I did!

I showed up to the barn mainly to give Alex the head caretaker on site instructions on administering Jezebels new oral Ace compound. Were using this to dope my pony so she can have a couple hours of turn out in the small round pen a day and she wont go nutso running and jumping around. When I got there my pony greeted me like she always does with a happy nicker and I went right over to nuzzle her and smooch her face. It looked to me like she was sweating under her forelock and I brushed it away only to find a rather large gash on her forehead that was dripping blood. Yeah that wasn’t sweat. How did she do that!? shes on stall rest and it looked very fresh as if it just happened. I tried to get some antibiotic cream on it but she wouldn’t let me touch it at all. I then went to the vetericyn which I could spry on the cut and when I did it just poured blood. A friend was there with his horse he’s a medical doctor. I asked him to take a gander at Jez and tell me what he thought. Was this a deep wound or was a worrying over nothing? His response was if it were a person he’d stitch it up. Yikes. Okay I called my barn manager and she in turn called the vet. Ah yes a Sat emergency barn call, I can feel the pull on my wallet just thinking about it. My vet wasn’t to far away and showed up in about an hour, we drugged my little pony with dorm as the torb she reacts badly to and then numbed the cut and flushed it and probed it. Yep it went all the way to the bone so stitches were gonna happen. My poor girl! She got three stitches and a weeks worth of antibiotics plus a few days of bute cuz it was gonna hurt her with that big lump on her pretty pony forehead.

I don’t know how these things happen, the barn manager, the head caretaker and I looked around her stall to see what could have happened and there’s nothing out of the ordinary. The only think I can think of is she threw her head up so high she bashed her forehead on top of her stall door. She does thrash around some when shes trying to get attention, so maybe one of the other horses who were in cuz of the heat were not paying her the mind she has come to expect. All eyes on Jez yanno…