Oh Horses …

Jez Field
Jez on one of her hand walks

The vet came down to work on Lilly who is my friend whos been helping me with Jez horse. Sadly Lilly is lame and well guess what soft tissue damage so even though its minor Lilly will be following the same RX as Jez stall rest and hand walking followed by walk riding. This should take 3/4 months, same as Jez. Le sigh (double time) You can read all about Lilly in Waiting For The Jump Niks blog (im “sally” in her blog but thats not really my name! ha!)

Jez: Play with me Lilly: Grrr!
Jez: Play with me Lilly: Grrr!

While the vet was down, she did a re-check on my pony. After buting her twice a day Jez is feeling better. Though she was off the bute for her examine shes still in better spirits, she only had to be given Ace once so far for a hand walk and that was more of a precaution. Jez showed she was feeling better to the vet right away by biting the vet as she walked by her stall. That’s my girl! The vet determined that her back was still sore but better and after we took her out and she showed sh was sound at the walk and only slightly off at the trot it was decided that Jez can now be walked ridden! On to phase two! I wont be able to be the one doing it cuz my orthopedist hasn’t even clearly me to handle horses let alone ride but for 4 days a week she will be walk ridden by my friend Nik and then the 2 days she will be hand walked and then get one day off. This will go on for a month then we do another ultra sound. I asked my vet about shock wave and she said we were past that stage. Okay then, that saves me 900 bucks. Yay!

So all in all Jez had some good news. but I’m super sad about Lilly though poor little mare. She doesn’t do as well as Jez on the stall rest, she needs other horses so will have to be shuffled around so she can be opposite other horses on stall rest. I wish Lilly and Jez were across from each other but they are on different aisles. Hopefully by summer the two BFFs can be back in their semi private paddock together.