The thing that wouldnt quit

This is what 600+ bucks looks like

I am learning more about hoof abscess then I ever thought I would. My filly is still laid up with hers. I called in the vet last week to check her out since her abscess wants popping and she was pretty ouchy. My vet was able to find the track and pop it. Yay! however there are now concerns about her back left hind hoof. The infection was on the same track as the last abscess though my vet feels its a different infection and not a re0infection due to the amount of time that had passed. So in order to address her susceptibility to the abscess we’ve done a couple of two day wet wraps to draw out her infection and put her on stall rest (which she hates.. a lot)

This is your horse on drugs...

Bonus.. my filly has become increasingly fussy with regards to her hoof so in order to wrap her hoof or remove a wrap for that matter she needs to be sedated. Which means I have to have the vet down every time this needs to be done. I’ve had them down 3 times over the last week. Lucky me. Jezebel gets looped up on sedation and her foot wrapped for two days and I get a nice big fat bill to pay. Such is the joy of having a horse in your life, they often come with unforeseen expenses.

What bored horses on stall rest do

Preventative action will be taken with her left hind hoof to insure that this does not become a chronic problem. In a couple more days i’m going to Keratex putty the hole in her toe and begin the process of hardening her hoof  in hopes that will help this hoof to get stronger and avoid another recurrence. I’ll be happy when i can put this hoof thing behind me and Jezebel will be thrilled to go out with the herd again. Cross you fingers for us