One Day At A Time


Our third shock wave was done and the vet came out for Jezebels final ultrasound and check before the claim for this injury ran out. I was very nervous, our last check didn’t go so great and at that time decision was made to give Jez some turn out since she was really falling apart on 24/7 stall rest.  Two hours a day was all she was supposed to get, though it later was brought to my attention my last barn was not adhering to that schedule. I’m really happy I’m out of that place for so many reasons, not following my vet’s instructions is just one of them.  When Jez was moved to her temporary home at my friends house she was in a 24×24 area out 24/7 my vet approved this arrangement before the decision was made. When Jez was moved to her new farm we kept her on the barns turnout schedule, which is to say shes out all night in about the same size hospital paddock 24×24 and in her stall during the day with her fans chilling with her horse friends.  She seems really happy at the new place and I had high hopes for our re-check.

She was flexed, trotted in straight lines and on the lounge and my vet said she was very much improved! Actually she said very, very improved. The ultrasound revealed that there has been significant healing and Jezebel was pronounced 90% healed! Yay! Thats great news and I can rest a little easier. Just to be on the safe side we are keeping her on restricted turn out for 2 more months and then checking her one last time beginning of October before she gets to go out in the field with her new heard. Until then I will be doing ground work with her and trying to get her head back to a working frame of mind. I started to take her on walks around the property and to do a little work in the ring  with halt and just standing still. Though shes still super distracted, getting used to the new place and all she wants to do is jump and run. It will be a slow process and i’ll have to take baby steps but we’ll get there one day at a time.

It was also suggested since I’m still injured myself that I look into hiring someone who restarts horses to get on her when she can go back into regular work. I think thats a brilliant idea and my vet is going to give me some names so I can start those conversations. Horse people aren’t always the most reliable so I have to start now working on that. So all and all it was a good day and i’m super pleased with my horses progress. It will be a total of 6 months this injury will have taken when all is complete but Jez will be 100% sound and ready to work when we are done. Thats a very good thing.