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The saga of Circe


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Circe’s been lame for about 3 weeks now. It started with right front lameness and a suspected bruise. She was taken out of work while i waited for it to heal or abscess. It did neither. My farrier came out and Circe came off the hoof testers pretty hard but it was all over sore. […]

You give me fever


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I got the call from my friend Stacy who was doing evening feedings and turn out at my barn while Sammy was out of town. Circe was off her food. She hadn’t really touched her hay, drank very little water and was picking at her grain aka ration balancer. She seemed really “mellow” and Stacy […]



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Since Miss Jezebel is back in work 4 days a week i wanted to have Dr Jim come out and give her the once over. Hes the chiro, acupuncture, vet, bio-mechanic guy i had come out and and who diagnosed her with the ulcers and all that jazz back in March. The idea is I […]

This and that


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When the vet came out to chip the girls i had her to an evaluation on their body conditions, i spoke to her about the constant heat cycles, their separation anxiety and we discussed the spring grass and if i should be worried about it. Heat cycles: Circe is in almost constant heat. Jez isn’t […]

Almost like spring


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I had to meet the vet early in the morning. So i was up before the sun. Just routine stuff like the remainder of their spring shots and micro chipping. There was a SNAFU on the chips but that will be corrected in the next couple of days. I’m getting them chipped before they move […]

Paradigm shift


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Its been a rough week. Weather, sucks, blah blah blah. Its not just the weather though. I’ve been stressing out about the baby Bo and all things horse. Waking up at 4am fretting and worrying. Yeah, thats going over well in my house </sarcasm.  In an attempt to try to get all my horsey ducks […]

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I have a multi pronged attack plan to figure out/deal with Jezebels acting out issues. Vet, Chiro, Saddle fitter, training. Yesterday I had the vet out. The plan was to give Jez the once over and see if there were any physical issues that could be the cause of her, kicking out, bucking, rearing and […]

The switch


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When I first got Jezebel I used the vet at the barn i boarded her at. 3 days after bringing her home.. abscess. I liked the vet well enough and the BM really encouraged us to use the vet she wanted us to use. I had pretty much no resources so i used that vet. […]

Ground work day


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It was ground work day and by that i mean lunging. I’m still a little sore so i didn’t want to ride and well riding Jezebel is on the back burner for right now aways. When i went to pull the girls from the field all of the horses were on the cow side of […]



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Its been 6 long months. Six very long months since i was tossed off Jez and taken to the ER, Six very long months since Jez was diagnosed with a suspensory injury. Stall rest, limited turnout restricted movement, ultra sounds and shock waves but finally my beautiful wonderful girl has been cleared by the vet. […]