Bringing the girls home

Barn tales, Life with Circe, Life with Jezebel, OTTB
I brought my horses home. At first I was only going to bring Circe home as she was once again having training issues and feet issue. Poor Circe cant catch a break. Eventually after much thought I decided to bring both of the girls home. I wanted to keep Jez in training to help her realize her upper level potential but not at the expense of my partnership with her growing. I think the best way to forge our bond is to have her home as well.  They came home a few days ago. Loaded and unloaded easy and have been settling in. My better half and I spent 6 weeks gutting, cleaning out, leveling and matting the barn. I also had a paddock built, changed the fence line between…
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Spring time

Barn tales, Life with Circe, Life with Jezebel
[caption id="attachment_1745" align="alignleft" width="225"] View out my new window[/caption] Got married, bought a farm. No big whoop... okay really huge whoop. My better half and i tied the knot a a few weeks ago and then 2 days after the wedding we closed on the farm. Its been exciting and stressful all rolled into one. Moved into the farm a few days ago and i'm spending time putting my new gorgeous house all together. 8.5 aces, 3 stall barn 2 fenced pastures but i'm not moving the ponies. They are going to stay at the eventing barn where they are flourishing. My fields are being hayed this season and my share of the hay is going to be put up with the ponies so not only do i not have…
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Winters Break

Barn tales
As i'm sure its obvious to anyone paying attention by now, i'm taking a blogging break. I'm taking a reading blogs break too though there are 2-3 i'm still keeping my eye on (i'm looking at you The Owls Approve. Happy to see Archie's improvement!) I was getting burnt out saying the same things over and over and over and over. I found writing about the days horse activities were stale and if I was getting bored writing I can only imagine that it was boring to read as well. Couple that with its winter nothings happening but cold, snow and bad footing. Add to that volatile mix a couple of broken ponies and who had anything interesting to say. Too often I read so much filler and if i'm…
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Fall horse maintenance

Barn tales, Life with Circe, Life with Jezebel, OTTB, Vet
[caption id="attachment_1652" align="alignleft" width="300"] Jez loves jumping the coop[/caption] It  was that time of year again, fall shots. I also had my vet float the girls teeth. My vet does a hand float and though i was thinking id use a dentist this time around seems "horse dentist" in this area is synonymous with "never return voice mails" Since my vet does a bang up job and she was out for shots anyways i decided to go with her. Jez did almost all of her float with no sedation, we only had to use a little bit to get the way far back. Seems my girl has a narrow but highly arched palette. Which might facilitate a bit change for her in the future, well see how she goes over…
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Good news

Life with Circe, Vet
[caption id="attachment_1607" align="alignleft" width="200"] First ride back[/caption] Circe is Lyme negative! Not just a little negative but super negative. The test from Cornell finally came back. Thats good news for Circe. However it still doesn't explain the lameness other then sole bruising which is just to in the wind of a diagnosis for me. Were in the second cycle of her shoeing and shes out of the corrective wedge on the right. We didn't shoe all around but i'm keeping an eagle eye on her in case we have to go that way. So far shes sound. Circe is beginning work again. Very, very slowly. Were started with 15-20 minutes of walking only. No circles. She's calm, happy and looks good. Trot sets are being added, still no circles for…
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Happy one year anniversary

Life with Circe, OTTB
It was kinda on a whim. I wasn't out shopping for another horse when Bonnie at After The Races (where i got Jezebel) posted that she had a couple horses coming back to her, no room for them and needed them placed/housed/fostered. For some reason I picked up the phone and made the call. Bonnie told me about the two horses and when i heard one was Syllogism, a horse that I not so secretly coveted all over the Facebook i couldn't help myself, i said "I'll take her" I then called my better half at work to try to explain to him what I had done. A few sort days later a shinny, sweet, chestnut mare came off the trailer and was in my barn. Over the past year…
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The Circe saga continues

Life with Circe, OTTB, Vet
[caption id="attachment_1553" align="alignleft" width="225"] The two fancy sport models[/caption] The last month or so has been hard. Harder on The Circe Effect than me but hard none the less. Her lameness issues were not progressing how anyone hoped they would. To add insult to injury she came up lame on the right hind a week ago with stocking up in both hinds. The farrier, then the vet came back out (because I'm made of money) and bruising was again the diagnosis. Again there was little improvement so i asked for a Lyme test. Why not start ruling stuff out. Sammy and i pulled the blood and i drove the tubes to the vets that evening i got the email. She didn't test negative on the snap. What that means is…
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