Bringing the girls home

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 9.09.22 AMI brought my horses home. At first I was only going to bring Circe home as she was once again having training issues and feet issue. Poor Circe cant catch a break. Eventually after much thought I decided to bring both of the girls home. I wanted to keep Jez in training to help her realize her upper level potential but not at the expense of my partnership with her growing. I think the best way to forge our bond is to have her home as well.ย  They came home a few days ago. Loaded and unloaded easy and have been settling in. My better half and I spent 6 weeks gutting, cleaning out, leveling and matting the barn. I also had a paddock built, changed the fence line between two pastures, flagged the tensile portion of the fence for easy viewing by horses, bush-hogged the field and in general we worked our asses off fixing it up for the girls homecoming. Turning what I once thought I would have to tear down into a rather nice little barn. There was once a ring on the farm as well but it’s been long grassed over. I have a estimate on the cost to bring the ring back and lets just say its not cheap. So i’m saving my pennies.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 9.08.30 AMJez and Circe have made friends with all the neighbors as only two horses who love treats can. Apparently the neighbors have all been watching our progress on the barn and fields and were trying to figure out what kind of livestock we were going to bring in. Who ever said racehorses gets a cookie! The teen-aged girl who lives one field over has taken a special interest in the ponies and comes over every morning to help me feed and to see the girls before she has to catch the bus for school. I can tell shes been bitten by the horse bug. She calls the girls “my big friends” and though shes got some horse experience as she took lessons a couple years back i’m gonna be giving her a crash course in horses. She will be a expert on horse care in no time flat!

Its always been a dream of mine to have horses in my backyard and now its been realized. I still do a double take when I look out my kitchen window and see my horses grazing in the field. Its been a big year for me, getting married, buying a farm and now brining my horses home. The real adventure begins…


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