The Circe saga continues

The two fancy sport models
The two fancy sport models

The last month or so has been hard. Harder on The Circe Effect than me but hard none the less. Her lameness issues were not progressing how anyone hoped they would. To add insult to injury she came up lame on the right hind a week ago with stocking up in both hinds. The farrier, then the vet came back out (because I’m made of money) and bruising was again the diagnosis. Again there was little improvement so i asked for a Lyme test. Why not start ruling stuff out.

Sammy and i pulled the blood and i drove the tubes to the vets that evening i got the email. She didn’t test negative on the snap. What that means is that her blood is being sent to Cornell for a multiplex test. This should tell me if the infection is acute, chronic etc. Also it should tell me about when she got infected. My money is on when she had that mystery fever but who knows. Now its possible she doesn’t have Lyme and has only been exposed and therefore producing antibodies as i’m in MD and this is Lyme country but i’m not betting the farm on that. Its going to take two weeks for the results so until then i hold my breath and spend my time becoming an equine Lyme expert per the Google. Miss Circe is insured so you can bet if this is Lyme she will be treated up the whazoo in hopes of knocking this thing down so far it will never rear its ugly head again. Also it will be excluded in my insurance if thats the final diagnosis. I have one shot at this then its all out of pocket for the rest of her life. I already called my agent and discussed how to move forward. I just need to wait for Cornell to get back to me with results.

Circe and her pet girl
Circe and her pet girl

I was surprised at how hard this hit me. I was hoping to find an answer for her lameness but this kinda knocked the wind out of me. I guess because Circe is such a sweet girl. Shes a real doll baby and i don’t like to think of her with an ongoing issue that could effect her. Shes been on stall rest for a while now and shes still the sweet affectionate horse shes always been and thats saying a lot for aΒ  horse thats living in a box. Though she really doesn’t want to go back in her box after i take her out for her daily graze. I cant blame her for that, I wouldn’t want to either if i was her. I’m working on finding a way to cushion her feets in a way that makes the vet happy so she can go back out on limited turn out. That i think would make up both happy. Today i try on a bunch of borrowed boots.

If anyone has had any personal experience with this .. please help a brother out and clue me on on what you’ve tried and whats worked and what hasn’t.


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  • Good thinking with the lymes test…definitely an issue around here! Have you (or the vet) palpated her back/hind-end? My cousin’s gelding had unexplained lameness (both front and hind) on and off for months before they realized he had a broken pelvis! Also, my friend’s mare had random lameness and she took her to Dr. William Riddle (Cecil County, so quite a haul for you) for a full body scan and it showed exactly where she was having pain. I can’t remember the diagnosis, but she’s fine now. Poor Circe girl. πŸ™ Hang in there Lola!

    • myexracer

      Shes fine in the hind end. Shes getting a little back sore now but im sure thats from being stuck in the box. They did blocks so the pain is in the hoof but its so nebulous and mitigating that the sole soreness didn’t just feel right to me. hence Lyme. Thanks for the encouragement!

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