Good news

First ride back
First ride back

Circe is Lyme negative! Not just a little negative but super negative. The test from Cornell finally came back. Thats good news for Circe. However it still doesn’t explain the lameness other then sole bruising which is just to in the wind of a diagnosis for me. Were in the second cycle of her shoeing and shes out of the corrective wedge on the right. We didn’t shoe all around but i’m keeping an eagle eye on her in case we have to go that way. So far shes sound.

Circe is beginning work again. Very, very slowly. Were started with 15-20 minutes of walking only. No circles. She’s calm, happy and looks good. Trot sets are being added, still no circles for 2 weeks though. So theres that. She’s her same old sweet self and i think shes happy to be a riding horse again. She also has a terrible case of rain rot. This popped up out of nowhere it wasn’t evening raining. Its on her rump. Shes furry girl over the winter and i was going to trace clip her in a month or so but because of the rain rot i might full body clip her i dunno. I’m giving it a week or so to see if i can get rid of the rain rot before i make that decision. In any event i’m happy to have my Circe back in work and im looking forward to her getting back into shape. She lost a lot of topline and muscle with her two months off but i’m bring her back slowly so thats going to take time.

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