Snow Ponies

Barn tales, Life with Circe, Life with Jezebel
[caption id="attachment_527" align="alignleft" width="225"] Jezebel and Michelle In the snow![/caption] It doesn't snow a lot out here but it does snow. Certainly more then my Southern California born and raised self is used to. This is also the first winter I've had horses out here when I don't have an indoor ring to ride in. Lets just say I've invested in some better cold weather horse gear and clothes. Blizzard boots, under armor, a awesome cold weather jack from REI (on sale.. score!) and for the ponies, quarter sheets and warmer blankets. We are as prepared as we can be this year. For the last few days we've had some on and off again snow. Sunday is our regular day with our trainer she usually rides both girls and teaches…
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The Girls

Life with Circe, Life with Jezebel, OTTB, Training
Things are going well. Having two horses two ride is a big adjustment from having one, then two broken horses to rehab and not ride. My trainer Michelle comes out twice a week, Sundays and Wednesdays. On Wednesdays its just Jezebel. On Sunday she works with both horses. Jezebel is improving a lot and my trainer (who is just about the best thing since slice bread) does great with her. We have my 7 month stall rested horse working like a champ. She's happy enough to work. She likes to throw her shoulder out and had trouble with the left lead canter. Both are improving with each session. Last session Jezebel picked up the left leap canter first try... Twice! Shes totally getting it. When I ride her she is…
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Plans are meant to be broken

Life with Jezebel, OTTB
[caption id="attachment_502" align="alignleft" width="225"] Ready![/caption] It was windy and cold, not crazy windy and not super cold but windy and cold enough. I decided since i had ridden Circe the day before that it was Jezebels turn under saddle. Her trainer is on vacation so its just us for a couple weeks. Both girls came over to me in the field and they both got their field treats, I should have known i was in for a day when Jez decide that she wasn't putting her head in the halter. I told her in Spanish "mirar" (pronounced Me-da) and pointed to the halter. I've taken to talking to her in Spanish some, she knows commands in it and she's really good for my stable manager Rolando who talks to her…
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The view atop Jezebel

Life with Jezebel, OTTB
[caption id="attachment_498" align="alignleft" width="300"] I'm on top of the world[/caption] My horse is back. My lazy, half asleep "Are you sure we have to work?" horse has returned. When my trainer takes her out to work with her she always comments how Jez is half asleep. Yup, thats my girl. I really thought id never get her back and that she'd always be the wild one mare. Thats not to say she doesn't have her moments but in general shes calm and happy. Turnout with the herd has made all the difference. My trainer who is great is walk, trotting and cantering her and she's doing really well. Jez is having issues with the left lead canter. She doesn't want to pick it up. She's also cross cantering on that…
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Unsafe at any speed

Barn tales, Life with Jezebel, OTTB
[caption id="attachment_489" align="alignleft" width="281"] Away we go![/caption] It was the day, Jezebel's first turnout with the full herd. It's been 7 months and i needed to get her out and being a horse. Her little hospital paddock time was coming to an end. I had tried this once before a week or so back just getting her out into a field and basically she lost her mind and was charging fences and being an idiot. The plan was to Ace her which we did with 3.5 mils IM. Then to put her out with the ladies who are field boarded in that field, one of which is Lilly who she shared a paddock with at my last farm. Then once she got her Aced ya ya's out the other mares…
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Life with Circe, OTTB
[caption id="attachment_463" align="alignleft" width="225"] Brand New Barefoot[/caption] Cire's feet are not in the best shape. She came to me front shod, with long toes and over under on the right front. Id love to get her barefoot but its not clear yet if that can happen or not. Unfortunately its kinda an experiment. Her feet will eventually tell me what they need and luckily I have the best farrier in Maryland so eventually I will get her balanced and in our out of whatever is best for her. I'm a fan of having a horse barefoot, Jezebel is barefoot and has been since i got her.  I'm also a realist and not every horse can handle not having shoes, some just need them. So step one, we pulled Circe's shoes,…
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Life with Jezebel, OTTB, Vet
[caption id="attachment_451" align="alignleft" width="300"] Trotted at the vet check[/caption] Its been 6 long months. Six very long months since i was tossed off Jez and taken to the ER, Six very long months since Jez was diagnosed with a suspensory injury. Stall rest, limited turnout restricted movement, ultra sounds and shock waves but finally my beautiful wonderful girl has been cleared by the vet. What that means is shes healed, and can go back into work and back with the herd for regular turn out. Back into work thats easy, all it costs is money. I hired a trainer to work with her and restart her. Remind her shes a riding horse and be the first on on the wild beasts back. The turn out, thats more of a challenge.…
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Enter Circe

Barn tales, Life with Circe, OTTB
It happened so fast it kinda made my head spin. I saw the posting the Racehorse rehab farm I got miss Jezebel from was getting a couple horses back though no fault of their own and didn't have room for them on the farm. They were looking for sponsors, or fosters or some way to accommodate for them. One of the things that i love about After The Races is how dedicated they are to they horses that go thought their farm on the way to new homes. I got in touch with the program director and we discussed the options, one of the horses coming back to them one a horse I had followed closely when I was laid up with a broken hand. A striking chestnut super fancy…
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One Day At A Time

Barn tales, Injury, Life with Jezebel, OTTB, Vet
[caption id="attachment_423" align="alignleft" width="300"] Photoshoot![/caption] Our third shock wave was done and the vet came out for Jezebels final ultrasound and check before the claim for this injury ran out. I was very nervous, our last check didn't go so great and at that time decision was made to give Jez some turn out since she was really falling apart on 24/7 stall rest.  Two hours a day was all she was supposed to get, though it later was brought to my attention my last barn was not adhering to that schedule. I'm really happy I'm out of that place for so many reasons, not following my vet's instructions is just one of them.  When Jez was moved to her temporary home at my friends house she was in a…
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Barn tales, Injury, OTTB
[caption id="attachment_419" align="alignleft" width="300"] Bad Ass Fly Mask[/caption] I've convinced my better half to take riding lessons. It's all part of my not so secret plan to get a second horse. Theres a local barn that has a pretty descent lesson program and a stable of school horses and he's been going once a week for the last couple of months. Its been really fun watching him figure out the basics of steering and halting. He's the only adult in the class, his class mates are little girls which brings back all kinds of memories for me about when I started ridding. These little girls remind me of me. His instructor is really good at tailoring the lessons so that it works for children and adults and it cracks me…
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