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photo(1)It happened so fast it kinda made my head spin. I saw the posting the Racehorse rehab farm I got miss Jezebel from was getting a couple horses back though no fault of their own and didn’t have room for them on the farm. They were looking for sponsors, or fosters or some way to accommodate for them. One of the things that i love about After The Races is how dedicated they are to they horses that go thought their farm on the way to new homes. I got in touch with the program director and we discussed the options, one of the horses coming back to them one a horse I had followed closely when I was laid up with a broken hand. A striking chestnut super fancy mare. I’m usually not bowled over by chestnuts but this one spoke to me, I was drawn to her. I was both happy and sad when she was adopted out about 5 months or so back. When I heard that it was her coming back to the farm and was told her story, I called my better half at work and explained “I might have accidentally agreed to foster a new horse” His response “Is that fostering like you have been fostering your dog for 9 years?” umm yeah sorta. I made arrangements with my farm owner and in a matter of days she was with me. A beautiful, glowing, chestnut mare about 16 hands and sweet as can be. Shes cautious, clam and has a very kind eye. In researching her it appears she has changed hands quite a bit so i’m slowly working to gain her trust.  Her new lodgings are right in the stall next door to big bossy AKA Jezebel who to my surprise is mostly really nice to the sweet red-headed mare.

C and J Meeting

C and J Meeting

My farrier was there they day she arrived and were going to work on fixing up her feet. I’m not thrilled with her long toes and front shoes. Were going to work out a plan for her to hopefully get her out of the shoes all together. I know she was barefoot at some point, so its possible she can be barefoot again.  Shes also comes to me with some back pain. The general thought is its a saddle fitting issue but my vet will check her out tomorrow and whatever it is we will work though it. I checked her yesterday and she wasn’t reactive at all to my prodding and poking. High hopes!

Officially she is my foster pony for a couple months and then we reassess but I already named her and any fool will tell you when you name something its pretty impossible to give it up. Were calling her Circe

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