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PRP two week check


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Jez had her two week check after her PRP treatment. The results are great!  Shes healing really nice and my vets is really happy with how her progress is going. Shes gotta stay inside for another two weeks until the next check which she isn’t thrilled about but she  the stalls at my barn are […]

The days of winter


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Stuff has been happening even things besides me bitching about the cold a tradition with me as soon as it gets below 40 on a regular basis. Interesting stuff, boring stuff and of course the daily grind stuff. Rep was hauled back up to New Bolton for his eyeball recheck and the results were giant […]

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It  was that time of year again, fall shots. I also had my vet float the girls teeth. My vet does a hand float and though i was thinking id use a dentist this time around seems “horse dentist” in this area is synonymous with “never return voice mails” Since my vet does a bang […]

Eric Smiley Clinic


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Eric Smiley was coming to town. He’s a very sought after clinician and also an Olympian. I just missed him last  spring when he was teaching in this area  and really none of my horses would have been prepared for a clinic at that level last spring anyways. I personally think its important to be […]

Fall with Jez


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Jez is doing great, she loves her new job… Jumping bean. Shes had some really great rides with both Michelle and Sammy. I get great feedback on her progress all the time. Shes one pretty amazing horse. On this day the video was shot we were sharing the ring with another rider who was jumping […]

Good news


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Circe is Lyme negative! Not just a little negative but super negative. The test from Cornell finally came back. Thats good news for Circe. However it still doesn’t explain the lameness other then sole bruising which is just to in the wind of a diagnosis for me. Were in the second cycle of her shoeing […]

Training day: Grids


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Grid work its now on the agenda for Miss Jeza-bobo. She did great on her first day. She figures out whats being asked of her after just one or sometimes two shots at it. The grid was a tough one, very challenging. Sammy started with with trotting though, poles down. Once she understood the layout […]

Tick tock


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Still waiting ….. Hurry up!

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It was kinda on a whim. I wasn’t out shopping for another horse when Bonnie at After The Races (where i got Jezebel) posted that she had a couple horses coming back to her, no room for them and needed them placed/housed/fostered. For some reason I picked up the phone and made the call. Bonnie […]

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Jezebel is back into work. Shes still being treated for ulcers and I’m still in the process of devising an ulcer maintenance plan for her but she’s feeling much better and is ridable. Both Michelle and Sammy have taken her on successful rides on the flat. I even popped on her after Michelle one day […]