Fall with Jez

Its fall the leaves are turning
Its fall the leaves are turning

Jez is doing great, she loves her new job… Jumping bean. Shes had some really great rides with both Michelle and Sammy. I get great feedback on her progress all the time. Shes one pretty amazing horse. On this day the video was shot we were sharing the ring with another rider who was jumping 3.3+ so we had to splint up jump runs as Jez was jumping 2.6 (ish) There were 3 of us n the ground acting as ring crew. It was good for Jezebel to have to stand quietly and wait for the other horse to do its run. She did really well, was very patient and was an all around happy pony. She has a lot of work to do over the winter and will emerge this spring with lots of new skills under her belt. Now if i could only get a trailer and a truck. I keep looking but its unrealistic of me to be planing on buying a rig right now as i have other expenses that demand my attention. I have been offered and will take up a friend of mine who has offered to let me use her truck and trailer whenever i want with a little notice. So i do have transpo. As such Jez needs to get off property. Often.

In the video below i missed the first jump (2 before the grid) and it was stunning (damn video!) but i got the rest. I love how shes so happy when jumping.

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