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Facebook fail


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As I’ve mentioned before I am addicted to buying and selling stuff on Facebook, specifically the ETT group. It’s a sickness I know but I can’t seem to refuse a really good deal. The other day an item on my dream list came up at a great deal and in my size. Herm Springer stirrups! […]

My latest obsession


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My latest obsession has been buying and selling tack on Facebook. Yeah you heard me right Facebook. I dabbled with Ebay but honestly i put an item up and got pretty much zero views even though it was tagged properly and the right categories it just wasn’t getting any eyeballs. Then i stumbled onto the […]

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A saddle may soon be in my future. I have an appointment next weekend with Dover to come on down to my barn and try saddles on my pretty filly. I have very high hopes that this will be it, that I will get a good fitting saddle and actually begin to ride my horse. […]

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This saddle hunt is making me insane and that’s putting it mildly. My girl is hard to fit which is making this process harder. I’m not made of money which is making it doubley as frustrating. Of course everything over a few grand fits her and fits her well, everything under.. nope. The boyfriend took […]

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I like all job titles with the word “master” in them. Master Of Whiskey being my favorite, though this time my brush with a “master” title, was a master saddler.  When my saddler asked me “what is the plan” I told him we were starting from scratch. So we started off with him examining my […]