Facebook fail

So purty!
So purty!

As I’ve mentioned before I am addicted to buying and selling stuff on Facebook, specifically the ETT group. It’s a sickness I know but I can’t seem to refuse a really good deal. The other day an item on my dream list came up at a great deal and in my size. Herm Springer stirrups! I got to the ad early enough and since it was a “make me an offer” style ad I offered 5 bucks higher then the highest offer and since the seller was local-ish I offered to pick them up so no shipping hassles. I was in like Flynn. I went back and forth with the seller, on day time and location to pick up the stirrups. Everything was worked out those Bow Balance Herm Springers were soon to be mine.

The next day I got a message on Facebook  that said and I quote “Ok bad news came home tonight my dog ate my new irons” really the dog ate her irons? More likely she got a higher offer. Just fucking tell the truth. I get it people are looking to make money on their stuff. She could have said she got a higher offer and let me see if i could match it or just tell me she was going for more cash but what is this 3rd grade and your dog ate your homework? Unreal. I just said thanks anyways and moved on. I’ll get my stirrups if i have to buy them new down the road. It’s not really a big deal and the only strange experience ive had in that group. I think the older I get the more I get annoyed by people making up lies for whatever their dumbass excuse is. The older i get the less i care what other people think so really theres no reason to bullshit people with lies and i get annoyed when people do it to me.  I get that some people are non confrontational but come on, be a grown up! I think i’m going to use the “dog ate my…” excuse all week. Sorry babe I cant make dinner, the dog ate my hands. I’d love to pay my credit card bill but i cant cuz the dog ate my bank account. Oh id love to pick you up some OJ from the store on my way home but i cant cuz the dog ate my car. Just about as believable as the dog eating her irons.


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  • I had something sorta similar on eBay recently. Bought a pair of breeches on a Sunday. Money left my account on Monday. Wednesday, they were marked as “shipped” and the electronic information received. A week later, nothing, so I opened a case (because, fuck you, seller, I don’t play). The seller gave some bullshit excuse about how USPS wasn’t picking up from her porch. So, not only are you lying, but you’re implying that the thing I’ve paid for has been sitting outside for a week? I finally got the package, but I wonder how long she would have gone without sending it.

    • myexracer

      Some people are so fucking shady! Im glad you finally got your breeches. I’ve had really good luck with ETT, this is my first meh experience.

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