Saddles, Saddles, Everywhere

Im sure this one wont fit either

I like all job titles with the word “master” in them. Master Of Whiskey being my favorite, though this time my brush with a “master” title, was a master saddler.  When my saddler asked me “what is the plan” I told him we were starting from scratch. So we started off with him examining my filly and yes shes got a couple of sore spots. Shes more developed on the left (hello racehorse), a longer back, high withers and it seems as if she will need a medium tree. I should have long flaps and a 18 inch seat because lets face it I’m a tall, leggy girl. He then took a look at my Lovatts and Rickkets saddle and like I thought there’s no way that will fit her, its not adjustable for her. Well now I really am starting from scratch. Next we tried on a few saddles my saddler had with him and of course the super expensive ones looked and fit her awesome. Lucky for me my saddler gave me some ideas of the kinds and brands of saddles he think might work for my pretty girl ranging from what I could find used to stuff that is not even in my realm of possibilities.  Basically I now have some choices.

Now I have to pull some saddles both new and used and see how they fit my girl. Since my saddler is in VA and I’m in MD I’ll shot pictures of her girthed up (no pad) in the saddles I pull. Front, side and back and my saddler will let me know which once are possibilities and which once are not. Then I have to bring him back to check her out in motion with the narrowed down saddle choices. Hopefully then I will have a saddle. Oh another little bonus, my girl being only 4 means shes going to grow and change so it was suggested I not buy my dream saddle just yet and if i do get a new one, get one with an adjustable tree. Yeah, this is going to be a long and involved process. In the end though it will be worth it, to have a well fitting saddle for my pretty pretty pony.