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Smart Pak sold


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I’m not sure how i feel about this one. When the email showed up in my inbox I was kind of at a loss. I love Smart Pak and i’ve been vocal about that. I don’t want them to change. That doesn’t mean i don’t want them to grow but i really don’t want them […]

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Thanks to L from Viva Carlos for the Magical Blog Hop, Whats in Your Bucket addition. Like i needed a reason to blah blah about what i feed the ponies! I feel better now that i have one though. I tend not to go too crazy with the horsey supplements compared to some i suppose […]

The switch


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When I first got Jezebel I used the vet at the barn i boarded her at. 3 days after bringing her home.. abscess. I liked the vet well enough and the BM really encouraged us to use the vet she wanted us to use. I had pretty much no resources so i used that vet. […]



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Customer service matters and it’s something that is lacking in the horse world. Not just a little lacking, I mean wholly non existent in some cases. So when I come across someone who gets it right i’m always giddy and happy. Also I have a pretty deep and heavy advertising background having been on the […]