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Advertising and Marketing?

Advertising and Marketing?

I’m not sure how i feel about this one. When the email showed up in my inbox I was kind of at a loss. I love Smart Pak and i’ve been vocal about that. I don’t want them to change. That doesn’t mean i don’t want them to grow but i really don’t want them to change. They are a very customer service oriented business, their customer service in the horse world is head and shoulders above most if not all. Their products are solid and i am a fan. I also enjoyed the fact that they were a small company, if you can call 350 employees small. I felt like they were all invested in their customers. With this acquisition by Henry Schein Animal Health i’m afraid that a lot of that will change. Oh not right away but when something like this happens its either to plunder or profit and both options means some changes to the end user are on the horizon for Smart Pak.

This deal is a big one im guessing though no finiachials have been disclosed but you know it is because there are three partys involved… Enter private equity. In this case its Oak Hill Capital Partners and you can bet they expect major return. Will that mean lay offs of personal to adjust balance sheets? Will it mean cuting corners on products to buff up the bottom line? or maybe all that amazing free shippig to barn buddies will slowly fade away. Who knows but you know it will mean change and usually when a deal is this big (i dont know why its not getting more press in the horsey world) The change is usually not very good. I will try not to be a naysayer and give it a wait and see attitude but mark my words… the times they are a changing for Smart Pak

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