SmartPak-LogoCustomer service matters and it’s something that is lacking in the horse world. Not just a little lacking, I mean wholly non existent in some cases. So when I come across someone who gets it right i’m always giddy and happy. Also I have a pretty deep and heavy advertising background having been on the client side of that coin for more years then I want to remember. When someone gets their marketing right that too brings a wide grin to my face. Put those two elements together and you get SmartPak. Not only are they the go to place for supplements for your horses but they assign you reps and those reps either remember all their clients and clients horses details month to month or they take really amazing detailed notes. In any case I appreciate their outstanding customer service AND their rather savvy marketing abilities.

I’ve had a couple different reps since i’ve been with them and never had a bad experience. When I first got  the call ” This is your rep from Smartπak hows Jezebel” I just about lost my shit. I was in awe of who ever their marketing director is, cuz that person gets is. All horse people want to do is talk about their horses. We didn’t just talk about Jez but we talked about her supplement plan moving forward through her injury rehab and I put together a plan for her along side my rep. It was a win/win. I felt like I was doing the best I could by my horse and SmartPak won a loyal customer because they showed me they cared about my business. This call wasn’t a one off, this is how Smart Pak does business. When Circe entered my life I called SmartPak to get her supplements going, more specifically I wanted to get her colic care in process and make sure I was taking care of her gut since Circe is a cribber. It was easy as pie to accomplish and my Smartpaks were in my barn in a matter of days. When my vet suggested a thin line pad for Circe, I called SmartPak and ordered it over the phone and again it was at my barn in a matter of days. Exactly when I needed it. I love how they check in with you and I love how Whitney my rep is always so cheerful and pleasant.

Dealing with horse support services can be trying, trainers, saddle fitters, vets, barn managers, transpo and so on and so on. Many of them might be excellent at what their one skill is but they tend to suck when it comes to business practices and thats just how it is, you learn to deal.  Theres a running joke in my house. Whenever theres a frustrating experience with someone when trying to take care of my horse my better half and i just look at each other and say “horse people” cuz they are their own special kind of crazy. (No I’m not excluded from that last comment) So its refreshing when someone gets it right and maybe cuz of all the bad experiences and loosy goosey customer service experiences I have encountered with other horse support services makes me really happy about the folks at SmartPak and how they chose to interact with me. It warms my cold bitter crazy horse person heart.

Ed Note: This is not a sponsored post. This is really how I feel about SmartPak. They make me feel appreciated