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Slow going


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I didn’t anticipate it going so slow. Moving the girls has caused us a few set backs as i expected and a few curve balls i didn’t expect. Getting Circe across the street and over to the ring has gone just dandy. Getting Circe to work and not lose her mind across the street in […]



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It’s raining and its going to rain for days. Stupid. I was planning on washing and re-waterproofing my blankets and sheets this week. Yeah thats not happening how can i dry them in the sun with yanno no actual sun. Instead i will trot my happy ass back and forth to the barn every 4 […]

Barn cats


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Who would have thought that barn cats could be a contentious issue. They are. I’ve been in a lot of barns and barn cats are necessary. They help to keep your barn pest free. Barns have rats, mice, snakes, birds. Barn cats help to reduce that. Barn cats are truly working animals. They have jobs, […]

Hay, hay hay…


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I got to my new barn a little before 11am. It was freezing but i needed to be there to hand over a check to the hay guy and to move my hay around. I met a bunch of people, some from the barn next door and also my new barn-mate. I got the low […]

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Change is not always something i’m really great at. I tend to be a creature of habit. I have to make a real effort to embrace change, to surrender to change, to move into change. I have found the older I get the more I can roll with the punches. I still get terribly stressed […]