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Jezebel is still rearing. Second time under saddle with ground work first then a short walk only ride. Well that was the plan anyways. While she was stopped in the center of the ring on a relaxed loose rein and for no reason whatsoever out of the blue, she first baby reared and then when […]

Paradigm shift


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Its been a rough week. Weather, sucks, blah blah blah. Its not just the weather though. I’ve been stressing out about the baby Bo and all things horse. Waking up at 4am fretting and worrying. Yeah, thats going over well in my house </sarcasm.  In an attempt to try to get all my horsey ducks […]

Baby Besos


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I woke up with a start at 3am and was up almost all night. The weekend had been rough on me. It was predicted to be a sunny and warm 55 degrees on Sat and i was finally going to be able to ride both my horses. I was pretty excited about it. I got […]

Ground work day


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It was ground work day and by that i mean lunging. I’m still a little sore so i didn’t want to ride and well riding Jezebel is on the back burner for right now aways. When i went to pull the girls from the field all of the horses were on the cow side of […]

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It was a lovely 50 degrees outside and after a big breakfast my better half and I headed down to the barn. His lesson was canceled do to the place being the venue for a horse show. The plan was for me to ride both girls with lots of time being spent in the back […]