The better half and the horsey half
The better half and the horsey half

Jezebel is still rearing. Second time under saddle with ground work first then a short walk only ride. Well that was the plan anyways. While she was stopped in the center of the ring on a relaxed loose rein and for no reason whatsoever out of the blue, she first baby reared and then when up for a second try never getting fully vertical. Michelle dismounted and worked her on the ground before making her stand still to be re-mounted from the ground then walked her around in both directions with out incident.

I am devastated.

The ulcers have been addressed there is no physical reason for this. The physical has been eliminated. This is because Jezebel has learned to rear. Testing? Defiance? Bratty? Bored? A plan is being put together to deal with this as a behavior issue. No plan for how to deal with my stress and upset because of this though .. i’m just going to have to wing it.

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