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I brought my horses home. At first I was only going to bring Circe home as she was once again having training issues and feet issue. Poor Circe cant catch a break. Eventually after much thought I decided to bring both of the girls home. I wanted to keep Jez in training to help her […]

The big move


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It was moving day. The day started out with heading down to the new barn to finish up installing buckets, bed stalls and just get everything ready for the girls. My better half was really awesome making sure i was calm as even though i was excited moving is always stressful. We got everything done […]

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With only a few days left until i move the girls i’m starting to get excited. My better half and I went to the new barn to start setting some stuff up. My commercial shelves (24 inches deep baby!) Circe’s stall needed to be cleaned and all her hooks needed to be put up. Jezebel’s […]

Made ya look


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Finally a really nice sunny beautiful day outside. It wont last because the weather gods hate me. Of that I am sure. I moved a lot of my stuff out of the soon to be old barn and took it to the soon to be new barn today. I still have a ton of crap […]

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Change is not always something i’m really great at. I tend to be a creature of habit. I have to make a real effort to embrace change, to surrender to change, to move into change. I have found the older I get the more I can roll with the punches. I still get terribly stressed […]



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I have moved horse farms. It was sudden and very unpleasant. I was treated extremely badly by people I had always been kind, helpful and went out of my way for. It left a really bitter taste in my mouth but I was lucky enough to have a couple very supportive friends who helped me […]