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Peas in a pod


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Were are a lot alike. We both over think stuff, we both have beautiful show pony hair and we both have to deal with ulcers. I know how it feels so when Jez came up ouchy (not to mention the behavioral issues) for ulcers again, my heart sank. I didn’t have enough omeprazole for treatment and […]

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Well not really but thats what i’m calling it. The better half was taking his lesson my my trainers event horse and i tacked up the Bo and was going to ride her for the second half of his lesson then Sammy was going to get on Jez. She had been kept in the night […]

In flux


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I’ve been riding Circe a bit as Jez is off because of her hind gut ulcers. Circe’s been a good girl and even though were just hacking around and not seriously working shes doing a good job listening to me and not trying to evade contact too much. Its been fun the few days of […]