Jezebel tried to kill me

Bucking bronco
Bad Bucking Bronco

Well not really but thats what i’m calling it. The better half was taking his lesson my my trainers event horse and i tacked up the Bo and was going to ride her for the second half of his lesson then Sammy was going to get on Jez. She had been kept in the night before to keep Circe company because i’m dealing with lameness issues with her (post to come about that once a definitive diagnosis is had) so JezaBo was a little up but not to bad. The better half was riding in the lower gymnastics ring looking really good by the way, he was trotting over poles and getting the lazy Rep to move forward. Sammy was explaining to him that you have to ride the horse that shows up to your lesson. He was getting lazy i dont want to go forward Rep but he was rinding who showed up.

I walked in both directions and began trotting and we were doing great. I was posting from my core and paying close attention to my hands and as a result Jez was putting her head down for me, very light in the bridle and kinda sorta listening to my half halts. I was feeling confidant and happy. I was trotting around the bottom of the ring about to go up the line of poles and then it happened. The switch went off in Jezebels brain. She caught sight of the upper ring way in the distance and that was the only thing that would get her focus. She didn’t want to go forward, if i pressed her she would try to either A. turn to where she could see the upper ring B. Canter in place or C. throw her shoulders around like a retard. Add in threating to go up on two legs and i’m of course freaking out and just trying to get to chill out. Sammy saw this happening and though she kept an eye on my better half and continued to direct him she walked over to me told me to take breath and took a hold of the reins from the ground in an effort to hold Jez long enough for me to dismount. Jez did not comply. She threated to go up rocking back with Sammy holding her and me on board and the shoulder throwing continued. That was it, Sammy looked up and me and said “get off”  and i jumped off emergency dismount style. Ta da!

The better halves lesson was almost over so i took Jez from the ground so Sammy could finish and walked her around and she acted like a crazy horse. Then Sammy got on her and by that i mean after Jez tried to run her over on the ground and got sharply disciplined until she would stand at the goddamn mounting block. Once she was aboard, Jez was still being a jerk. Pulling the same crap with Sammy she did with me. The difference of course is that Sammy can ride though it and i cant. She tried to get jerk horse to just trot nice over the poles. Jerk horse wanted to jump them all like a maniac so Sammy worked with her until she would. She asked jerk horse not to throw her shoulders around like a child having a temper tantrum throwing themselves in the floor and jerk horse didn’t want to comply so Sammy worked with her until she did. It when on like this for a little while until jerk horse did what she was asked although begruginly and the ride was declared over.

Some take aways. Jez was mad, angry pissed off and some of that might have been she was off her routine and had to stay in (one freaking night) She was also acting like she did before she was diagnosed with ulcers and Sammy noted shes not always great in the lower ring. So Michelle and Sammy are  going to consult and a more formalized plan for Jez is in the works. Essentially a boot camp for Jez. Shes going to be have all her buttons pushed. Shes going to be asked to do things she doesn’t want to do. Shes going to learn a little resilience. They are going to come up with the Jez is a jerk plan and we are going to implement it. I was supposed to start lessons on her this week but that of course has been postponed ( ugh) im not riding her unless its after one of them have been on her so thats totally inconvenient for everyone but it is what it is. So i’ve got one broken and one bad. Story of my life. Dr Jim was out recently and said Jez showed zero signs of ulcers but im going to Omeprazole her for a while anyways just to be on the safe side since this behavior is familiar and on the off (very off) chance its ulcers again its not fair to get after her if it is pain induced. Honestly i dont think it is but hey its only money… and it grows on trees so no worries there.


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