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It’s raining and its going to rain for days. Stupid. I was planning on washing and re-waterproofing my blankets and sheets this week. Yeah thats not happening how can i dry them in the sun with yanno no actual sun. Instead i will trot my happy ass back and forth to the barn every 4 […]

Separation anxiety


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The girls are settling in the new barn. I’m at the barn twice a day right now. My morning feeding and turn out person doesn’t start until next week and though this barn is closer to the house making the trek twice a day can be rough. In other words I’m tired as all get […]

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My girl got a stone bruise its taken a couple weeks to heal. Granted i am giving her extra time off because because i’m a little paranoid about it manifesting into a abscess (dodged a bullet on that one) while this resting of the bruised foot was occurring a semi private pasture became available. One […]