Boots, Bruises And Snow

But that blade of grass tastes better!

My girl got a stone bruise its taken a couple weeks to heal. Granted i am giving her extra time off because because i’m a little paranoid about it manifesting into a abscess (dodged a bullet on that one) while this resting of the bruised foot was occurring a semi private pasture became available. One of the barns long time boarders was leaving and his paddock mate being moved in with a couple other guys so he wouldn’t be lonely. A friend and I lobbied for the new paddock and were lucky enough to get it so now Jez is in semi private turn out with Lilly. The two girls are like peas in a pd and get along really well. They are also the two youngest horses at the barn. its a good match and hopefully since they wont be in the huge turnout with 20+ other horses they wont be getting  so banged up running around like idiots. Time will tell. Its a few bucks more a month but i think it will be worth it.

Thanks for the new paddock!

To help cute down on the bruising and because i want to start taking Jez out on the trail i got her some Cavallo boots! I also got them on sale cuz it seems no one wants the pink boots but me. I elected to get the pastern wraps aw well because i dont want her getting rubs from the boots.  I’m going to start breaking them in on her today.

Had a late snow this year, WTF. Im not real fond of the snow sure it looks nice out your window but its not only cold and annoying to try to drive in but when it melts everything is muddy soup. The footing gets really torturous and I’m always worried I’ll be in for another injury. This better be the last snow if the season, i want spring with its flowering trees and warmer weather. I’m tired of dressing in so many layers I cant move.

This is spring?