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Saddle adventures


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We finally got saddle number two. I went back and forth on what to get because i really want a dressage saddle and i really like expensive saddles. But with moving the girls and all of Jez’s new medical bills money’s not as free flowing as it usually is. So looking for something lower end […]

At Long Last


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It finally happened, I finally got a saddle that fits my pretty filly! Okay it was during a power outage for all of my regain and me, the boyfriend and the dog were all living in a hotel with AC until our (and hundreds of thousands of others) power was restored. It was also in […]

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I like all job titles with the word “master” in them. Master Of Whiskey being my favorite, though this time my brush with a “master” title, was a master saddler.  When my saddler asked me “what is the plan” I told him we were starting from scratch. So we started off with him examining my […]

Saddle Sore


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I own a rather nice saddle. It’s a Lovatt and Ricketts close contact. I used it on my previous horse for years. I bought it off a women who had barely used it, she was focusing on dressage and didn’t need it. She was also going though a divorce and looking to make some fast […]