Facebook fail

[caption id="attachment_1167" align="alignleft" width="300"] So purty![/caption] As I've mentioned before I am addicted to buying and selling stuff on Facebook, specifically the ETT group. It's a sickness I know but I can't seem to refuse a really good deal. The other day an item on my dream list came up at a great deal and in my size. Herm Springer stirrups! I got to the ad early enough and since it was a "make me an offer" style ad I offered 5 bucks higher then the highest offer and since the seller was local-ish I offered to pick them up so no shipping hassles. I was in like Flynn. I went back and forth with the seller, on day time and location to pick up the stirrups. Everything was worked…
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My latest obsession

Barn tales
My latest obsession has been buying and selling tack on Facebook. Yeah you heard me right Facebook. I dabbled with Ebay but honestly i put an item up and got pretty much zero views even though it was tagged properly and the right categories it just wasn't getting any eyeballs. Then i stumbled onto the tack buyers on Facebook. Huge groups of horse people all buying, selling, trading tack. Buy huge I mean thousands and thousands of people, totally a micro niche. I watched the groups for a while to see how they were run. Some are more of a free for all a "make me an offer environment" others are for specific kinds of tack like western or english only or just blankets. Some are heavily moderated with a…
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