The Maryland Horse Expo

Off Farm
Its that time of year again, Horse Expo time! If you didn't think that Maryland had more horses per capita then any other state just trot on over to the Horse Expo and see them all at one place at one time. Whatever your disciple is you will find something you have to have at the expo... at a discount. I again found a trailer I wanted. Okay it was like 100,000 bucks and was basically a motor home with horse stalls you could drive around. My better half said he would just by me a plot of land and stick me there with my pones in the trailer and come visit me once a week. It was pretty much close to the size of my duplex in LA. I…
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The weather outside is frightful

Barn tales, Off Farm
Sunday is my regular day with my trainer, its the day she works with both horses, yanno providing the weather agrees. Today it did not. Everything was still, snowy, frozen and for a little added bonus we had off and on again freezing rain. Training was canceled, well try again mid week. Sunday is also the day my better half takes his riding lesson. They have an indoor so if the roads are clear class is on. The roads were clear. I like hanging out at his lessons, the last two sessions (they go on 10 week sessions) i met people i really liked and keep in touch with. One is using my trainer to work with her 11 year old daughter and the appendix she keeps at home. I…
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Life with Jezebel, Off Farm, OTTB
[caption id="attachment_295" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="Yum, Grass"][/caption] The opportunity came up to take my girl off farm. A new girl at my barn is a show rider. By girl I mean shes 12. She;s my new buddy at the barn, we hang out, compare our taste in bright pink tack and talk horses and school. She reminds me of my sister who I miss as they are almost exactly the same age. She's a talented hunter/jumper with an adorable 14.2 black pony named Beauty. She goes to shows about once a month and her mother who is at the barn with her every afternoon offered to let us tag along to a show so Jezebel could gain some experience going off farm. My girl being an ex racer trailered I'm sure…
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